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  1. Hello there, This is my second try to ask for help and maybe someone will be able to help me. Is there a way to make some animation like this.I have 2 blocks. Left one is a fixed 100vh menu (pinned) ther right one is scrolling blocks. Is there a way to make show right block tabs with fade in fade out without scrolling right block. The right section should be fixed too as left one and just switch between contens by scroll with fade in our efffect. I have this one https://codepen.io/Oleksandrshepa/pen/JjyzLwd?editors=1111 But I need to make something like this - I hope it clear. If not please ask any question you want. Thank you for your help. Regards, Alex
  2. Hi everyone. I'm a fresh guy to GSAP. I try to make something and need your advice on how can I achieve this. I have a block with a left tab menu and a right block with a container. Next recommendation needed: 1. How to make the change of right block content on the scroll and highlight active tab on right? Is there any anchor or something else? 2. Above and below this container will be a static block that should be able to scroll down and up? I mean this block not the main. I made a few codepen. I know, they do not great, but still this is my 4 hours of learning and I already stuck =\ https://codepen.io/Oleksandrshepa/pen/wvqjRQY https://codepen.io/Oleksandrshepa/pen/qBXYgPx If I break any rule of this forum, please exasuce me and I'm sorry for my english