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  1. jaja I'm sorry! I already found the solution, the problem is that I was declaring the timeline every time it showed the detail... now I declare the timeline only 1 time, and I only call play or reverse, thank you very much anyway! I can't delete the post.
  2. hello geeky friends, I'm facing a problem that should be simple but maybe I'm tired and I can't solve it. when you click on any Pokemon, it does an animation to "pokemon detail" and when you click on "back" it goes back to the list... but if you repeat the process several times, every time you click on back you have more and more delay in the timeline... would someone know where my mistake is? Thanks a lot!
  3. That smooth transition is what I was looking for, thank you very much, I'm going to analyze and implement your advice, I'm also going to see about adding a particle emitter at the end of the bar, and I'm going to use the keyPower to make it more or less drop particles. I'll let you know how it goes later, thank you very much!
  4. Perfect, both tips implemented, how can I make the progress movement smoother?, it looks very hard when it increases and when it decreases the bar
  5. Hello everyone!, I wanted to try to perform the typical power bar functionality based on the keyUp event, but let's say that the functionality was not very fluid, if someone has an idea of how it could be more fluid, I accept the ideas to learn, many Thank you. 😎
  6. Thanks Cassie, I've been following you on codepen for years, I admire your projects.
  7. ok, I already found the problem and solved it, but I don't know how to delete the post, I'm sorry
  8. Hello! It is my first query in this forum, I hope you can help me understand why a transition is not fulfilled, to be specific between line 99 and 105 of this code, I assign a background position, and it does not work. I am using google translator, have compassion, thank you very much.