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  1. @GreenSock I have another question about this animation. When scrolling faster (when there is a greater distance between the origin and the end point), the animation freezes, is there any way to make it softer?
  2. @GreenSock Yes, THANK YOU SO MUCH! After a few changes I was able to get what I needed. You can't even imagine how many hours I spent on this animation. I'm just getting started with GSAP so I will probably start some other discussions in the future. Thank you very much once again
  3. Ok, maybe this is a solution, but only partial. Try to set -600px in ".box". The animation is too fast and the box is running out of the area and I would like it to stay on the black line all the time until the end of the animation. @GreenSock https://codepen.io/FilipGC/pen/jOLzaJe
  4. In the first section there will be a photo with a shape that, when scrolled, turns into a photo that is placed in the second section. So the photo will appear in the first section and occupy its position in the second section. The HTML location should be as in the example. I am sorry if I am explaining wrongly what I want to achieve. @GreenSock
  5. I created a new example. I would like the div to move from section one to section two. But div takes position elsewhere even though it's contained in section two. @GreenSock https://codepen.io/FilipGC/pen/vYJReMB
  6. Yes, this is exactly what I would like to do but I would like to keep the div in center (50%) position of viewport height. In place where is scroller-start. Setting for example "end: +=1000px" is not the good solution. @GreenSock
  7. Hi Cassie, Unfortunately this plugin is paid I updated the example with gsap code. After scrolling, I would like to move the div to the target position and not just change its dimensions as it is done so far. Div stays in position top: -300px; left: 500px. I would like it to take values as in the 'visible' class
  8. Hi, I want to smooth move down div with class ".box" using ScrollTrigger with "pin" value from changed position values (top and left) to base div position as in ".visible" class. I spended many hours working in this case and I still don't have any idea how to do it. The starting position of the div is changed and I would like it to move pinned down and take the base position when scrolling at the end. Please help