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  1. https://codepen.io/mastertigra/pen/gOxodoy Here is my code. Start and Stop buttons work properly, but looping is still not ready. I'm trying to analyze your solution above, but it seems hard for me
  2. Thank you for your reply! I'll try to figure how I can use your code in my project.
  3. Hello! I'm new to JS and GSAP. Could you give me an advice, how to create a very simple slot-machine with one reel. My machine has 20 boxes, hidden overflow and must spin from up to down. When I write simple gsap.to(".machine__box", {y: 2000, duration: 2}); I press start button and my 1-3 boxes just move down and disappear with other 17 boxes (I need to set 17-20 boxes behind 1-3, in order to create loop, but idk how to).