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  1. @Cassie Thank you very much for your answer. I to modify the code of the problem, but unfortunately did not show effect, because the file path is my local, I can't upload "CodePen," I'm sorry, but I very want to learn to understand gsap this powerful animation library, but I am a Chinese, the document is arduous, so trouble says the problem in my code, thank you very much!
  2. Hi, everybody! When I used Timeline to write the page, I set 'scrub: true,' and 'Pin: true'. When the scroll bar ends the animation and returns to the animation again, the page will shake slightly.
  3. hello,everybody! I want to use scrollTrigger to make a website that scrolls with the mouse to show different perspectives and contents. How should I do that? Similar to https://axieinfinity.com/ is there any friends said that the train of thought. I'm Chinese.