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  1. awesome! that's it. tanks again!
  2. hmm, ok, force3d:false makes everything looking crisp but like you said, performance isn't as good as with force3d:true. especially on mobile. would be cool, if one could "toggle" force3d-mode so that it's only on false when the animation is over...
  3. hi jack, great, force3d:false is the solution! thank you!!! michael
  4. hi, i'm having a problem when using draggable and then scaling objects with css transforms: everything works fine so far, but the scaled div gets blurry after scaling. first i thought it's a browser problem, but when leaving draggable away, the rendering works as expected and the div's text looks sharp again, no matter what scaling factor is used. when using draggable, it seems to me, that the browser treats the scaled object as an image... maybe there's the possibility to force the browser to re-render? would be nice if there's any workaround ;-p thanks! michael
  5. hmm, unfortunatelly this does not work with absolute positioned elements... http://dev.tm74.de/dragtest/
  6. thanks jamie, that does the trick!
  7. ah, still one little problem: seems to me, that only text links do well. when i wrap a link around another html text, there's still the same effect: desktop works fine, mobile doesn't do anything by touching the div please take a look... http://dev.tm74.de/dragtest/ thanks!
  8. hi jack, nice support, thanks! everything fine now! regards
  9. hi jack, thanks for the new file. i've replaced it now, but still no luck on mobile... http://dev.tm74.de/dragtest/ maybe, it has something to do with jquery? without jquery, the link works fine, but dragging doesn't anymore ;-p
  10. hi bassta, the missing dot in the url is now there ;-p but still the same issue, the link does not work. no idea... testetd on iphone 5 & htc one
  11. hi, first of all, thanks for the new draggable stuff, really awesome! i think, there's a strange behaviour when using the draggable plugin on mobile devices: i build a draggable div with hyperlinks inside. dragging works as expected while the links inside the draggable div don't work anymore. on desktop browser everything works fine. seems if there is a problem with the touch events in the draggable.js. here's the demo... http://dev.tm74.de/dragtest/ any idea? thx michael