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  1. I tried to make a simplified version of what I experienced in another project. Essentially I get 2 warning in the console. 



    GSAP target undefined not found.

    GSAP target  not found.


    I tried to make a modal that it will render if the state is equal to true. Else it will return null. 

    I believe my issue is due to returning null. But I don't know how to do this another way. 

    I experimented with the kill() option in gsap, but I had no luck with it. Here is the reference from the docs that I read. 


    import React, { useRef, useEffect } from "react";
    import gsap from "gsap";
    export default function TestGsap(props) {
      const box = useRef();
      useEffect(() => {
        gsap.from(box.current, {
          y: "500",
          ease: "expo",
          duration: 2,
      if (props.toggleModal === true) {
        return (
              style={{ width: "10rem", height: "10rem", backgroundColor: "red" }}
              <p>Hello, I am a red box.</p>
      } else {
        return null;