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  1. Sorry.. This is an example I saw on this forum. I was trying canvas when I ask question. I don't know exactly what to do. I don't expect anyone to write code for me. That's why I didn't want to add codepen at first. That's why I don't want ask for help. Sorry for question.
  2. Thank you for answer I'm trying to do it this way. What am I forgetting? Can you help on this way please? Thanks https://codepen.io/apsuva/pen/oNeeqOQ
  3. Hello I am trying to create airpod pro like website with greensock. Problem is hero text timing. For example, total number of scrollable images is 1500. I want to show text on the 1200th images. how can I do that? Second problem, i will create multiple canvas in one page. because i have 4 different image sequence. https://airpod-pro-roia.webflow.io/ Is there any full example like webflow site? thanks for answers. I hope you understand what I mean 😊