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  1. Hey Jack, yes, that works - and I understand the need for a small footprint. For our current situation we chose to override TimelineMax.prototype.tweenTo, by simply copying the existing version and replacing TweenLite for TweenMax :)



    Can we suggest to using something like below be an option for a future release?

    var TweenEngine = _globals.TweenMax || TweenLite;

    Like you use for TimelineLite:

    on line 99 for example.


    We think that there is no need for using TweenLite ever, if TweenMax is available...? (But we could very well be wrong)

  2. Hi!


    I am a big fan of the tweenFromTo and tweenTo function of TimelineMax.


    However, these functions always return a TweenLite instance. Is it in any way possible to make that a TweenMax? I would very much like to have access to repeat and yoyo properties, for example.


    In other words, something like this would be cool:

    myTimeline.tweenFromTo ( 'nowhere', 'somewhere', { repeat:-1, yoyo:true } ); 

    (Or, maybe I'm missing something and this is already possible?)

    myTimeline.tweenFromTo ( 'nowhere', 'somewhere', { repeat:-1, yoyo:true } );