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  1. Hey Jack, yes, that works - and I understand the need for a small footprint. For our current situation we chose to override TimelineMax.prototype.tweenTo, by simply copying the existing version and replacing TweenLite for TweenMax Can we suggest to using something like below be an option for a future release? var TweenEngine = _globals.TweenMax || TweenLite; Like you use for TimelineLite: https://github.com/greensock/GreenSock-JS/blob/master/src/uncompressed/TimelineLite.js on line 99 for example. We think that there is no need for using TweenLite ever, if TweenMax is available...? (But we could very well be wrong)
  2. Hi! I am a big fan of the tweenFromTo and tweenTo function of TimelineMax. However, these functions always return a TweenLite instance. Is it in any way possible to make that a TweenMax? I would very much like to have access to repeat and yoyo properties, for example. In other words, something like this would be cool: myTimeline.tweenFromTo ( 'nowhere', 'somewhere', { repeat:-1, yoyo:true } ); (Or, maybe I'm missing something and this is already possible?) myTimeline.tweenFromTo ( 'nowhere', 'somewhere', { repeat:-1, yoyo:true } );