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  1. Updated the codepen: The onPress event is also doubled.
  2. Looks like, but not exactly. Not related to my IE problem I refer to there. Thank you.
  3. I will, Jonathan. But I still cannot reproduce this bug in a simpler environment.
  4. Hi, There is a double event with Draggable’s onClick event in iOS 8.4.1 (iPhone or iPad). In Safari, it seems to also trigger the iOS keyboard... On Chrome the double event bug is present, but the iOS keyboard is not popping up. I specified the OS version, because I don’t think it did that before I updated my iOS the other day, and now it does what I described above with either GSAP 1.18 or 1.17. EDIT: It turns out the bug is also present in iOS 6.1.6 (the latest of 6.x), and this one was not updated for a very, very long time... The only difference is the keyboard is not popping in Safari (iPhone 3GS ... ... ! )
  5. Ok... Now I am pretty certain it is related with Draggable. But it seems to be in a somewhat specific context. I will open a new post when I am able to reproduce it in codepen (this post starts to get confusing). Hope it won’t be long...
  6. This happens only with IE in Windows 7, a normal PC. Still cannot reproduce it in codepen though. Let me come back when I have more infos. Thanks.
  7. The only new information I have now, regarding the ghost click, is that the first one (the 'right' one) is a Mouse Event, the actual 'click' event added with js. And the second one, the faulty one, is a Pointer Event... I cannot seem to be able to stop it for now. Until I understand more what’s going on, if it rings a bell to anyone, please let me know
  8. Oops, sorry. I just made one, but I can’t reproduce the bug. http://codepen.io/cyboide/pen/RWWwEW So right now I don’t know if the cdn GSAP is different from mine, though I loaded the latest 1.18, or is there a bug elsewhere in my app. When I try to use gsap from my server in codepen, it doesn’t work. Well, will keep you posted...
  9. Release 1.18 (Draggable 0.14.1) doesn’t seem to solve the problem...
  10. Hi, I would also like to come back on this super-old thread... The problem is indeed fixed with the release 1.17, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, desktop or not, Mac or PC. Except on IE, Windows 7 (even IE 9 to 11). Because of IE, I still have to add some stopPropagation in the onClick handler, otherwise there is a 'ghost click' on native click events inside the Draggable, and when dragging from on top of such a native 'buttoned' element and then releasing the Draggable onto it, a native click happens... And it seems sporadic, at least for the 'ghost click' effect. (I cannot test on Windows 8 or 10 for the time being.) Also, this.pointerEvent.stopPropagation() doesn’t really help, either on IE 9 (mouseup) or 10, 11 (pointers). I actually have to generate a javascript error in the Draggable onClick handler for the Draggable to stop its click to propagate.
  11. Hi, In the HTML5 doc, Draggable>Methods>addEventListener, it mentions the event strings as camel case, but it is not working for me. I have to use all small caps. I’m supposed to have the latest 1.17.0. Thanks.
  12. Cyboide

    draggable set x y

    Yes, the update method seems very useful, wish I knew it before! Thanks Rodrigo. I never stop learning how to use the GSAP...
  13. True enough it works fine in your example. Must be something specific in what I’m working on. Thanks for your quick reply.
  14. Hi, I’m having weird behavior with mouseover and mouseout events being triggered only sporadically on elements inside a Draggable. I actually want them to fire, but It seems they don’t at all until I used the draggable a first time, and then it works, but then with more subsequent dragging sometimes it works, sometimes not. Any idea?