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  1. Thanks @OSUblake I was using onpressInit to convert translate3d to left,top, but when start drag old translate3d coord reappeard. But with type: "left,top" always works fine, i had misunderstand the meaning of type. Thanks to all.
  2. @OSUblake Hi, thanks for your answer but i already make it. The problem is that when i re-click to same div to drag it, translate3d start to previous value when i start to drag. Seems like memory effect, also if i kill or update it.
  3. sorry @Cassie I think this is better https://codepen.io/cescocesco/full/bGrgELJ
  4. thanks @Cassie Here a test: https://codepen.io/cescocesco/full/bGrgELJ If you pan to top yellow area, you can see red circles. If you select a group of this and drag it by the one with red border, after it select another group and drag it, after select this 2 groups and drag it, you can see the problem. Sorry but code is a little bit confusing because i test some solution. Seems kill or update don't work.
  5. Hi when i drag an object , it sets own traslate3d value x,y,z. I set a function to translate it to left,top when dragend. Example: style="left:0px;top:0px;translate3d(10px,10px,0px)" become style="left:10px;top:10px" It works but when i click again on same object translate3d settings reappear. I try to kill or update but nothing change. Is there a possibiliy to completely reset draggable on object? Thanks
  6. ok i realize now that i use old version of Draggable . With 3.8.0 problem is solved ☺️ Sorry!! Thanks
  7. Thanks for the answer @GreenSock. This is the demo: https://codepen.io/cescocesco/pen/bGrgELJ If you select multiple circle by click one and drag, release mouse button, wait 2 second, drag and move multiple element. When you have done, right click on stage. After this reselect that circles, wait 2 seconds, and see some of this return to original position. Thanks for help.
  8. Hi, i have some elements that i must drag on stage. I need to move multiple elements at same time, so i use Jquery ui selectable. When i select multiple elements i use "onDrag" events and copy transform translate3d css on all selected elements. I use Draggable.create inside "stop" event of Selectable. Everything works fine, but if i deselect and reselect same elements, the elements when i copy transform css, return to transform translate 0px 0px 0px. I try to kill or disable draggable after unselect elements but nothing change. Is it possible to reset draggable or destroy it ? Thanks Francesco