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  1. Hello! I made these pinned and snapped sections, but doesn't work correctly. Sometimes it gets stuck when I scroll fastly or it bounces or stops between two section. I don't understand why, but on Codepen it's a little better than opening it in an HTML file. How can I fix my code?
  2. I mean, there was a bug in my code and not in GSAP. I think everything is good now.
  3. I found another bug. The offset of first section is always 0 and it not works correctly if we have content before the parallax sections, so we have to add the starting position to the sections. const contentContainer = document.querySelector('.content-container'); if (currScroll > contentContainer.offsetTop + marker.offsetTop) { https://codepen.io/davidtovt/pen/dyzOOPw
  4. @akapowl It's good for me, just I thought there is a better solution. I found an error, if I scroll down the page than refresh the page I get the following error: Uncaught ReferenceError: Cannot access 'contentMarkers' before initialization You can check here: https://cdpn.io/davidtovt/debug/dyzOOPw/bYMdypQgzZRr Do you know how to fix this?
  5. Hi! I just want to use the 'right-content' div and insert the 'boxToShow' divs inside the 'contentMarker' divs. Can anyone help me?