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  1. Hi, Looks like that works, thanks a lot for helping out! Kind regards, Tom
  2. Hi, True, the demo works perfect! I found out more about the problem. The code does not seem to work well with some other GSAP animations. I am pinning a section that is 100vh and if I resize from portrait to landscape, the height of the body is one screen height shorter. I guess during resize GSAP does not detect the section having any height. When I disable this section, everything works fine. I tried to replicate the issue in a Codepen. I managed to write a code where the page breaks, when switching landscape mode (https://codepen.io/tomraas/pen/vYJyjzz). Instead of making the page too short, the codepen somehow makes it longer... Do you know a solution to fix this? Kind regards, Tom Raas
  3. Hi, I am using a official GreenSock script found on Codepen (link), to implement SmoothScroll with the native ScrollTrigger . Everything works perfect, but when I for example go from Portrait to Landscape the ending of the screen is not visible anymore. I discovered the height of the body is changed correctly, but the transform that pushes the content up is lower. Below an example: 1. When I load the page in Horizontal mode, the Y at the end of the page is: 1486 2. When I load the page in Portrait mode and than switch to Landscape, the Y at the end of the page is: 1189. My first guess was this was caused by content that does not instantly takes shape due to transitions and such, but this is not the case. Even on a normal text page, the problem exists. I analysed the script and it looks like it's resizing as it should, could you help me pinpoint to what could be the problem? Kind regards, Tom