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  1. Hmmm, I think perhaps I'm not explaining myself so well. Thanks again for your reply Zach - I'll go away and try to come back with a better explanation 😅
  2. Hey Zach! So... I have literally no idea what that means 😧 Would it make things any clearer if I said that it will be a 'group' of objects that will need the teetering script adding to the actual group and not each individual image within that group? So imagine I'm making the Jenga tower up of say 30 blocks, which are then put into a single group - then I want to add the script to the group of objects (depending on what the user has selected/completed there will be blocks that aren't visible which is whiy I need the grouped item to teeter as the tower itself will always be slightly different in the way it looks and won't be a single image) Now I feel I might have confused things... lol
  3. Hey guys, So I'm using Articulate Storyline and I need someone who can write up the code for me to add to the Javascript section of an image. I basically have a jenga tower that needs to 'teeter or wobble' the best thing I can find to try and describle the effect is this (but without the warp - it just needs to pivot from left to right): If you can do this then please let me know, payment waiting! (and if this goes to plan I have lots more effects in the pipeline) 😀 Here's some info kindly sourced for me regarding GSAP and Storyline integration: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/gsap-3-5-1-latest-version-is-now-included-in-storyline-360 Thanking you! Emily.