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  1. Thank you so much Carl! That's so simple to do, GSAP is amazing. 😍 I wish I used the word 'complete' in my search instead of 'animation finished', completely missed this functionality. I'll implement this into my project now, you're a saviour, cheers 🍻 - I'll watch the video now and see what else I have to learn.
  2. Hi GSAP people! Extremely new to GSAP and I'm just trying to wrap my head around it. I did an initial google search but I kept on seeing other things mentioned that I don't quite understand yet. Is it possible to remove the inline styles GSAP sets after the animation is complete? I'm just using a basic element.from()... animations that uses x and opacity. Is there a way to remove inline transform and opacity from the element in question after the animation is complete? Thanks!