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  1. Holy Cow!!! Thank you Carl and Rodrigo! Both of your answers are awesome and really shed some light...ALOT of light on what I was not understanding. I will step back a try again with this new understanding. Thank you again for your fast and thorough responses. I will make sure to "return" with what I come up with. K_Rob
  2. Hey guys, I'm putting together a master timeline that contains several different timelines. I want to be able to play only the timeline that I choose when I click a button. The timelines share the same div elements but animate them differently. Unfortunately I haven't gotten that far yet. Here is my JS Fiddle of what I have so far... http://jsfiddle.net/upAC5/ Right now when I call the main time line function it only plays the first timeline. What am I doing wrong. It's late and I have checked out the docs and some codepens but my brain is not grasping the idea of how to manipulate timelines that are inside of functions. Thank you. K_Rob