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  1. it's always the client who uses ancient browsers sadly, I could not reproduce the behaviour: http://codepen.io/oemueller/pen/FhAds Maybe the custom webfont causes problems. best regards, Oliver
  2. Hi, I'm using the SplitText Plugin to split a H1 into seperate lines of text. (H1 at 100% width, centered text, custom webfont). This works flawless in current browser versions. In Firefox 17 the text doesn't break at <br> tags. I'm using a workaround now, but maybe this could be fixed in a future release. Best regards, Oliver
  3. I traced the bitmap into many vector shapes- I think that causes many lines of cryptic drawing instructions I just tested the 'frame' feature - works good for me. During my current development I recognized the need of a easel "scale" property and also something like "transformAroundPoint: {x:10,y:50}". What do you think? Any Example needed? cheers, Oliver
  4. here we go: http://codepen.io/oemueller/pen/ILipw
  5. is it possible with the use of Easel plugin to tween a MovieClip's currentFrame ? Easel docs only know about gotoAndStop() etc., but its much nicer to move the timeline by using a tween. (and easel uses it's own tweens internally, but I prefer one - the greensock - tweening platform. At the moment I'm using this quite dirty approach: tweenMovieClip = function(from,to,target) { target.gotoAndStop(from); var obj = {frame:from}; var dur = Math.abs( (to-from)/24 ); TweenMax.to(obj,dur,{frame:to,roundProps:'frame', ease:'Linear.easeNone',onUpdate:function() { target.gotoAndStop(obj.frame); }}); }
  6. thanks for your replies and the explanation. I think I'm using from() in the correct way, and most of the time everything works fine. I'm doing hard to reproduce. I think I will replace from() with fromTo. Thanks, Oliver
  7. Hi, I'm making heavy use of .from() tweens within a Timeline. Especially from autoAlpha:0. Now in some circumstances (maybe if an image is not yet loaded) elements stay at their state given to from() and don't tween to their original value. In my case autoAlpha:0 -> to autoAlpha:1 This happens really unfrequent - in Firefox and Chrome. I'm just too lazy to use fromTo() Tweens Is there anything I can do to avoid this kind of behaviour? thanks, Oliver
  8. yes it's about the local cache. I agree that point differs on every user's machine. I thought it might be possible to pause a Videoloader (using pause() or cancel()) so it really stops downloading - but like a said there is still data beeing downloaded which slows down other loaders. The only way to achieve this was to dispose(true) the VideoLoader and create a new one. The drawback here is that the progress often starts at 0% - depending on browser's caching rules.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to find a solution for my loading concept: I have several pages, each loading a video. When I leave a page I call dispose() on the VideoLoader to stop the loading process. The problem is, when I call dispose without "true" my network analyser shows that the video is still loading data from the server. When I pass in true, the loading stops but also removes the video from cache. Is it possible to really stop the loading and at the same time don't clear it from cache ? Thanks, Oliver