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  1. liow

    GSAP + CSS Transform

    Ops... Sorry. I didn't notice that you wrap them into a function called "create". 😅 Thanks for helping me @GreenSock and @OSUblake.
  2. liow

    GSAP + CSS Transform

    Ok, the way you write for the the matchMedia() is different from the docs. That's why I confuse about it as two animation in both media query is the same. The create is not listed in https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/ScrollTrigger/static.matchMedia() Is the create means ScrollTrigger.create() ? Creating two different ScrollTrigger for different media query?
  3. liow

    GSAP + CSS Transform

    Is there a must to use matchMedia() ? I only want to adjust the yPercent only. If you inspect the element, you may see the problem is caused by the inline CSS. GSAP read the Xposition from CSS media query and when the window resize, the inline CSS is still there. And this is why the issue occurs. .saveStyles() is not working or am I using it the wrong way? 😅 https://codepen.io/callmeliow/pen/vYedomq
  4. liow

    GSAP + CSS Transform

    Hi there, anyone know how to fix this responsive layout issue? A simple demo is placed in the codepen below. I have set the CSS media query to add transform property to the X position of the text. GSAP does not read the new value from the CSS media query after screen resize unless I reload the browser.
  5. Here is the failed example of using scrub. https://codepen.io/callmeliow/pen/Exvjeda
  6. Hi guys, this is my first time using GSAP. As mentioned in the title, I'm able to generate the effect without using scrub. However, I want the text color changes with scrub while entering the div and leaving the div. I tried using 2 triggers to do it but it failed. Anyone know how to make it works? Kindly let me know what's the better way of writing GSAP so that I'm able to refactor it. Thank you so much.