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  1. Ok thanks Jack, I'll give the <img> a go over a background and see how I get on, thanks for the quick response.
  2. I have a horizontal scrolling site using the containerAnimation with 6 sections (the section width is set to pixels and they will each eventually vary in size). I am looking to implement a parallax movement to my background images in each section - I have applied n example to the second section in my codepen (along with a few other GSAP elements i've been using). I have come across various parallax examples in the forums but none using the containerAnimation for a horizontal website so i'm struggling to execute this. Any help would be great.
  3. Thank you both for your help and such quick responses.
  4. Thanks Cassie, thats worked on Desktop but mobile is still a big issue Is it possible to change the swipe direction at all for mobile rather than scrolling up can you scroll across? This is the main reason why I asked about not using the GSAP containerAnimation for the horizontal scroll. If you load your codepen link into a mobile browser you'll see the issue.
  5. The codepen is the same as what Jack posted, within the browser (not the codepen viewport) it bounces around to reveal the body below, this is hightened on mobile scrolling horizontally goes to slow and causes the pull whilst vertically is too fast. It may be to do with the speed or ease? but when you compare the two, the scroll is much smoother on the 'purple' codepen then with the original two versions especially on mobile.
  6. Ah right, just another quick one is there a way to implement the same thing but without using the GSAP horizontal scroll settings? heres my example https://codepen.io/brawn14/pen/NWvqgbr Im finding the horizontal scroll with GSAP in the previous codepen to be quite wobbly in terms of scrolling too hard that it drags the content to expose the body, and it also all over the place on mobile.
  7. That looks like what I was after apologies I hadn't come across the container animation before thank you.
  8. Hi all im looking for something similar but with a fixed element on a horizontal scrolling site. See my codepen https://codepen.io/brawn14/pen/NWvPLZJ Looking for the text to change once it goes past the square markers is this achievable?