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  1. @akapowl Yes, I remember and in my local React practice environment I did exactly in that order what you mentioned before, but didn't work. I found the issue, hopefully it will be useful for others who tries to use it in React. Right now I have a main page, and a single component: (<Gsap_1 />) If I put the animations in the components, then the order how they load is different than what you see in the code. I put every single animation into index.js file, and it's perfect. At the and my goal is to implement every single examples on the website into a react components, but I'm afraid it will be a mess if I add everything into index.js. Thank you again for your help, it made me think and that's why I found out this react issue.
  2. Hello, I would like to trigger a click event onLeave, but it triggers faster. However I think the start/end positions are good. Maybe the animations before affect it? ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger: ".triggerClick", scrub: true, start: "top bottom", end: "bottom bottom", onLeave: () => alert(1), }); What did I miss? Thank you!
  3. Wow! It's really easy to understand the functionality with these examples. Thank you guys!
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a dev who can help with some basic scroll animations. If you are interested please post your contact details.
  5. If I would like to add more sections below the horizontal part, then should I create a new animation, or can I use it with the existing code? What's the best practice? Probably it's not a good solution to duplicate the code with different classes. let sectionsArr = gsap.utils.toArray(".panel-vertical"); sectionsArr.forEach((element) => { gsap.from(element, { autoAlpha: 0, ease: "power2", scrollTrigger: { trigger: element, scrub: true, pin: true, start: "top top", end: "+=100%" } }); }); Just to test it I added 2 more sections below, and it broke the layout: https://codepen.io/rryp111/pen/eYENyzb
  6. Hello, GSAP is a great tool, and I'm sure I missed something important and that's why I'm facing with this issue. I rewrote it few times, because I thought there's a typo, but I'm sure it's a programming issue. I used ScrollTrigger only for very basic animations, forgive me for my rookie mistakes. After few slides, I would like scroll horizontally, that's where I have the issue what I mentioned in the title. It looks like because of the animations on the first few slides, the horizontal scroll part thinks that the user reached the target. - If that's the issue, then what's the best practice to solve it? The users needs to wait to much between the sections, for that reason I would like to speedup the swap between the vertical scroll sections. For this I tried to use durationbut it doesn't have any effect. Is it possible to do it? Thank you!