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  1. Is there a way to directly use the penner easing functions (and other) included in GSAP? I run my own update loop (on Scroll) and just want to pass my values through the easing functions to make everything a tiny bit more awesome. Example of what I would like to do. passing in p (value of 0 to 1) start value 0, change value 1, and duration 1. Power2.easeInOut(p,0,1,1); right now I define the functions again in my code like this: var easeInSine = function (t, b, c, d) { return -c * Math.cos(t/d * (Math.PI/2)) + c + b; } easeInSine(p,0,1,1); would be great to hook into the greatness of Greensock instead of defining them again. I'm using the latest js and tweenmax.