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    GSAP 3.9 Released

    Is keyframes like timline?
  2. I want a new random number every time the timeline restarts, here is the code: gsap.registerPlugin(CustomEase, CustomWiggle); let tl = gsap.timeline(); CustomBounce.create("bounce", { strength: 2, squash: .1, }); tl.to(".box", 3, { x: 'random(-200, 200)', y: 'random(-200, 195)', ease: "bounce", onComplete: tl.restart() })
  3. How do I make a element animate when it enters a certain area not the viewport? I want to make the box to change scale when it enters the .down of the #page, but it doesn't animate that way the animation only works when I scroll the body
  4. Where can I find the tween max plugin?