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  1. Thank you for the welcome and the reply @OSUblake It's a bit disappointing though, no js/ css alternative for the gsap.to, but at least I got some valuable sources to learn. Thank you
  2. Hello, I'm a new user in the world of GSAP. For one reason, I'd like to know for the gsap.to() equals in pure css/ javascript. I's rather to learn the basic properties that gsap.to() uses to animate it. This is an example from Chris Course in Youtube: class Enemy { constructor(x,y,rad,color,velocity){ this.x = x; this.y = y; this.rad =rad; this.color = color; this.velocity = velocity; } create() { c.beginPath(); c.arc(this.x, this.y, this.rad, 0, Math.PI *2, false); c.fillStyle = this.color; c.fill(); } update() { this.create(); this.x += this.velocity.x; this.y += this.velocity.y; } } //When a bullet reach a big enemy gsap.to(Enemy, { rad: Enemy.rad -11 }); //... Is there any pure css or javascript equal for the gsap.to() in the example? Thank you in advance