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  1. I was totally missing that part, thanks for highlighting this. Amazing solution, especially the third scrollTrigger that was very insightful. ScrollTrigger is a powerful tool but it takes some getting used to it.
  2. Really appreciate this detailed explanation it really helped out immensely! I guess the only thing that is still unclear to me is how exactly `end` works, I mean according to docs when setting the end to `bottom right` should align the end of the animation with the end of the scrollbar right? So that would make it not scroll at all (which is the requirement here), and even if I set it to 4000px (which is larger than the scrollbar) it still scrolls when the scrub reaches towards the end. On my example by omitting `end` the Draw SVG did draw without scrolling at the end but still unsure why this happens.
  3. @ZachSaucierI understand I was just wondering why would the ScrollTrigger set on two containers with the same width would show two different scrollbars and thus being out of sync with one another.
  4. Hello long time since I posted here. I'm trying to align a drawpath svg (which is working nicely with Scrolltrigger) with a simple timeline animation (the line increasing in width) but since the timeline can be larger than the viewport I thought I could add it in a container with the same width as the drawpath svg container (3000px) but they seem to have different scrollbar width and so they don't sync correctly. Any ideas are appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the fast response! I completely understand and thanks for all the good work your do for the JS world!
  6. Hello all, long time since I posted here. So its 2020 now and wanted to check if there were any plans for Flutter greensock now or near future, since Flutter is picking up very fast now. Thanks all!
  7. Hello, what plugin should I use to mimic the functionality of this codepen: If someone could also showcase how to animate the SVG Path with a GSAP plugin, I would be grateful. Thanks.
  8. Yes greatly, the .duration() get/set is really useful!
  9. If you know only this part I'm good to go:
  10. Yes exactly something like this. Can I also get the current speed? so I can gradually decrease it? This is for a loader which I'm not sure when it will finish, so I want to keep making it go slower so it doesn't end, and when it is complete to bump it to the end.
  11. Hey guys, long time since I've been here. How can I change the duration of a tween while it is tweening? So I have this: TweenMax.to(".masked", 10, {"background-position": "0px 100%"}); And I want while this is playing, to dynamically increase the duration of it, or lessen it.
  12. Sincerely I'have tried almost every swift animation library out there. I really home Greensock decides to port to Swift, I know my company would buy it for sure, since we are 4 developers that really struggle with animations on Swift. *fingers crossed!*
  13. It seems to work on chrome emulator, what seems to be the problem? Doesn't start? Some animation doesn't fire or out of sync?
  14. Have you tried to include the autoKill: false property to see if this behaviour is due to something else messing with the scroll?