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  1. rala

    Mouse Cursor Effect

    @Dennyno I think your code is stop working 🙄
  2. rala

    Mouse Cursor Effect

    @Dennyno can you explain how do you think in order to achieve the result ? because I don't like to only copy and paste code from others. I also try tom make the canvas background transparent but it didn't work
  3. rala

    Mouse Cursor Effect

    Because it make the website visitors stay more time in your website 😁
  4. rala

    Mouse Cursor Effect

    Hi, this website using GSAP https://advanced.team/ can I know how they make mouse effect with GSAP and how the color of shape change when mouse move ? I see this example https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/WNNNBpo but my question is about the shape Thanks in advance
  5. Thank you so much for your explanation I really appreciate your helping and the quick. Response in the forum thank you . But can you please explain more or send a reference link to know why scrub and scroll actions conflict
  6. Hi, when I try to animate svg elements when the section in the viewport something wrong happened an the animation start suddenly and not smooth I used label to first animate lamp and mountains and clouds at the same time then I want to repeat -1 the animation of the lamp light and the cloud floating could you please help me to know the error I've made .
  7. Hi, I have multiple sections and want to pin each section while scroll through the page , but I don't want the next section start before the end of content of the previous one. my target is to get the effect of parallax effect without using background images in the code pen example I've been added I don't know what is the error I've made could you please help me
  8. rala

    Animate flag smooth

    Hi, I'm trying to animate flag but when add the animation the top part of flag cut and the animation not smooth .
  9. rala

    motion path

    Thank you you answer while I was including scroll Trigger in the JS panel🙈 but why at some point the astronaut disappear from the viewport I want it to always appear for the user while he is scrolling.
  10. rala

    motion path

    Hi, I update my view Box but I don't think this is the problem because I want my path to fill the whole page height which is 3000px and when I did that the animation not complete can you please help me ?
  11. rala

    motion path

    Hi, I try to use path from illustrator in place of the one is used in the motion path example but the astronaut didn't continue the animation may I know why this happened. thanks in advance
  12. rala

    ScrollTrigger animation

    yes I think so , but may I ask you what the scrub exactly do ? I have another question please when I have multiple items in the same section and I want to animate them one after another when the section appears in the viewport for the user before I add the scroll Trigger to the timeline I did this by add label to the timeline but after I add the scroll Trigger all the items appears at the same time (note: the items not have the same CSS class or the same animation) and thank you so much for the quick answer
  13. Hi, why the animation when I add the scroll Trigger become not smooth and every item in the row appears suddenly
  14. Hi, I don't want any one to fix my code I try a lot of the examples on the code pen when start learning gsap and I thought I understand everything about it and I decide to do my own project to see if I can start every thing from scratch but now after your notes I notice that there are a lot off things that still not obvious for me and that is what I want from support also I ask about specific sections in my project the flower along the dashed path and the third section which stuck on from and not animate anyway thank you
  15. Hi, this is me again I fixed all the notes you told me about yesterday and make my code as small as possible. but I still have issues with my code and some points I didn't understand even I read the documentation and see many examples . 1- the third section which includes the hands didn't appear and the animation not start I stuck on from although I delete the visibility 2- the flower which is move on the dashed path at some point it disappear and not continue the movement . 3-and the big problem for me is the values of start and end of the animation and to be honest curranty I try random values until reach the value I want. what I mean I want the animation in every section not start until the user see this section and when I use to repeat the animation when the user come back again to the section to happened smoothly not suddenly items disappear and show again please help me to understand how to control the start and end of the animation with scroll Trigger plugin