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  1. Dinho

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    Thank you very much cassie and blizve0 for your answer, I will see if it can help me and I will get back to you soon
  2. Dinho

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    Hi Cassie, Sorry, it's adjusted https://codepen.io/DinhoDev/pen/jOLqXQL
  3. Dinho

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    Thank you very much Cassie, I will follow the guidline forum in the future, sorry. First, how do I make the ball deform when moving the mouse ? Second, how do I make the border of the red section bounce when the cursor enters above it ? Here's a codepen that I adjusted : https://codepen.io/DinhoDev/pen/zYdqaQG Thank you in advance for your answer. 👍
  4. Dinho

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    Hello everyone, I'm new to gsap. I would like to know if someone can help me make the cursor animations that is on this site : https://14islands.com/ Thanks in advance 🙏