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  1. @PointC THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was able to use your first CodePen to get it all to work! I will defiantly also be studying your second CodePen so that I can apply efficiency throughout my code! Thank you again so much!! I have been fighting my code for too long😂
  2. Hello! I am a student taking a motion course.. and I am trying to figure out why my SVG elements aren't hiding themselves before I call on them. I am using Draw SVG to draw in each element and then each element is supposed to snake its way off the page and then another element would start. I was able to make that happen with help from my professor, but now that I have applied that code to all of my elements each SVG is displaying and only going away after it has completed its motion, so it looks like a hot mess. I have attached my CodePen and hope that what I have typed here makes some sense. I apologize if my code or explanation are not efficient just yet.. I have only just begun using GSAP and am very much still tying to figure things out!! Thank you to anyone who can help, it is much appreciated!!!