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  1. Fair enough. I was hoping that it was a known issue here in the gsap community and would be an easy fix. I’ll contact Adobe. Always dread going through their horrendous support system. I’ll update this thread if I find a solution.
  2. Hi. I've been making banners using Adobe Animate CC 2019 for a long time but I've been away from the banner-"space" for about a year. I accepted a gig making a banner pack from a client and opened up one of my old files to use a base for the new gig only to find that the page is blank when I export from the newly updated Animate CC 2021. Anybody knows how to fix this? I tried installing animate 2019, but it's been removed from Creative Cloud :( I've attached two files. One of the old banners, that works and one exported from 2021. Haven't changed anything in the new one. Just opened the file and published the project. Please disregard the boring animation. The campaign was meant to be that way from the agency. Yeah, I know, not very exciting. I hope someone here can help, otherwise I'm stuck doing the campaign oldschool style with keyframes which is going to really, really suck :) OldBanner.html Animate2021_Export.html