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  1. I have this scene with animation, also I have an issue with Safari v.13(and lower) and glitching my blurred circles (.intro-circle) in my scene and I don't know how can I solve this issue.. Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Hi everyone! There is a working script for scrolling news. But the question is how to upload new news, or search for news, if I can not update ScrollTrigger? Trying ScrollTrigger.refresh(true), in documentation effect that I need, but in action I have nothing. So when we click on the "View More"-button we adding new content to list then trigger ScrollTrigger.refresh(true), and scroll positioning should be recalculate, but it does it incorrectly, at the output we have that it does extra scrolling, and at the top we have not 0 but ~-2000px(depends to screen resolution) Maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe in the wrong sequence? Maybe I'm missing something .. Thank you very much in advance!
  3. B-E-Autifull! Really, I didn't even think about this.. sadly.. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger . Thanks a lot !!
  4. @akapowl, thanks a lot for your previously answer, it was solution! But unfortunatelly for a part of problem I added exception for right scrolling when we have one event, but we still have a problem with 'unreal' height of our document, we can scroll down, and if we scrolled down and decided to see our Hero-block, we must scrolling up at all height of document what we scrolled. How can we change .pin-spacer params ?
  5. Thank you, @akapowl! Now I undestood that problem 😃 You are really superman
  6. We have some events list, and on the beginning loaded all list. We have switcher in first block, which switch current events, past events and all events. After switching we will have a problem with white space on the right side, because .pin-spacer's values didn't re-calculate. I call tl.scrollTrigger.update() and tl.scrollTrigger.refresh() after switching, but it didn't have a result, and .pin-spacer didn't change. Please, help me to solve this problem! 🤕 Thank you in advance! 🙂 P.S. Please, ignore the incorrect positioning and extra padding at the bottom, this is just a quickly torn piece for an example.