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  1. Okay so I merged the fake pinning code with my code and everything has stopped working on Codepen (scroll works locally but not pinning). Can you please look into this? Here's the updated codepen: Fake Pinning not working with horizontal scroll.
  2. Thanks again It solved a problem that just occurred when I merged this code with actual data. The last div was clipped out of viewport.
  3. This works perfect! Thanks for your help While we are at it, can I ask another question related to this design? How can I pause first black section at the left corner of screen and first grey section should overlap and scroll over it. doing the same for 2nd group. Basically, when black sections reach the left of screen, they get pinned. Also, how do I make it draggable (horizontally)? I have used Draggable plugin but I only want that to drag in +x position not -x
  4. Hi everyone, just started with GSAP two days ago! I'm having a problem with my horizontal scroll layout where sections are overlapping each other to an extent that you can't even view the content in them. Also, a lot of margins are being added. If I put real data in these sections, the last section disappears from the viewport (due to margin/padding being added) What I want to achieve is horizontal scroll but sections should respect the width and margins instead of overlapping. Please suggest me what should I do...