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  1. Hey, I'm trying to work out if there's any way to have the top fullscreen section of my website snap down to the next section (but only the top one does this) the rest of the site I would like to scroll like normal but only the top section and the second section will snap back and forth to each other. Would love any help or recommendations I can get for this! Thanks!
  2. Hey, new to GSAP so still working it all out. As seen in my codepen, I have boxes flying across the screen which is what I want, but I want each individual box to repeat this animation as soon as it makes it to the end. Currently the code waits for every box to finish before repeating (all the boxes have random duration, so this means currently the faster boxes have to wait for the slower ones to finish before repeat). I'd like every box to just repeat as soon as it finishes its random duration. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks!