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  1. Banging my head a bit. I've got a few Scroll Trigger based animations on the home page of a site and it works flawlessly when in local development. It isn't until we've deployed to a production/staging environment does it break. 


    Effectively what's happening is when we load the site on production/staging all animations run immediately. Not sure if its a component mounting issue (which would mean its not a GSAP issue) or if something is being compiled/computed differently in a live environment? 


    Each section is setup as follows:

    1. Define the animation/scroll trigger in the `mount` lifecycle hook

    2. Use `$refs` to pass elements into the animation. 

        <div id="vid-container" class="h-screen w-screen bg-white">
          <video @loadeddata="loaded" class="w-full fixed inset-0 duration-500 transition-opacity opacity-0" :class="{'opacity-100': videoLoaded}" src="https://player.vimeo.com/external/611257045.hd.mp4?s=785a9d52ed5d188f762436b1bb618493f784d3f5&profile_id=174" autoplay loop muted preload></video>
            class="mask absolute w-full h-full"
            <mask id="mask">
              <rect width="100%" height="100%" fill="white"></rect>
                font-family="Bagnard, serif"
                class="origin-center "
                <tspan x="50%">Freelance</tspan>
                <tspan x="50%" dy="1em">Founders</tspan>
                <tspan style="font-size: .5rem" x="50%" dy="2em">

            <rect id="bg" width="100%" height="100%" fill="#fff"></rect>

      import { gsap } from "gsap";
      import { ScrollTrigger } from "gsap/ScrollTrigger";
      import { CSSRulePlugin } from "gsap/CSSRulePlugin";
      if (process.client) {
        gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger, CSSRulePlugin);
      export default {  
        data() {
          return {
          videoLoaded: false,  
        mounted() {
          console.log('hero mounted')
          let width = window.innerWidth
          let speed = 350 //pixels per second
          let endX = width
          let duration = endX / speed
          let ease = "sine.inOut"
          let intro = '';
          if (this.$refs.mask) {
            this.$nextTick(() => {
              intro = gsap.timeline({
                onComplete: () => {},
                  trigger: this.$refs.mask,
                  start: "bottom 100%",
                  end: "bottom 50%",
                  pin: true,
                  scrub: true
              intro.to(this.$refs.mask, {
                scale: 5,
                opacity: 0,
                duration: 5,
                ease: ease
              }, 'intro')
        methods: {
          loaded() {
            this.videoLoaded = true;



    Staging link example: https://freelance-founders-hgc9zjyrf-progresslabs.vercel.app/


    FYI - Working on a minimal example to post here shortly.