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  1. I have this issue where I'm tweening a solid element and while the tween is animation there's a weird white line on the right bottom of the element. Once the Tween is complete the white border disappears. The weird part is that it's only visible on safari (mobile and desktop). Please see the code pen for simplified example. PLEASE HELP!!!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. In my use case I have a side element that fades in as the draggable element gets closer to the target or basically as the hitTest gets closer to 100%. Right now I solved it with a REALLY UGLY if statement. NOT my proudest moment, it's crunch time. REALLY thanks of the reply. Love the draggable plugin. SAVED MY BACON. if(this.hitTest("#hit-test", "90%")) { TweenMax.to("#photo--missing", tt, {autoAlpha:.1}); }else if(this.hitTest("#hit-test", "80%")) { TweenMax.to("#photo--missing", tt, {autoAlpha:.2}); }else if (this.hitTest("#hit-test", "70%")) { TweenMax.to("#photo--missing", tt, {autoAlpha:.3}); }else if (this.hitTest("#hit-test", "60%")) { TweenMax.to("#photo--missing", tt, {autoAlpha:.4}); }else if (this.hitTest("#hit-test", "50%")) { TweenMax.to("#photo--missing", tt, {autoAlpha:.5}); }else if (this.hitTest("#hit-test", "40%")) { TweenMax.to("#photo--missing", tt, {autoAlpha:.6}); }else if (this.hitTest("#hit-test", "30%")) { TweenMax.to("#photo--missing", tt, {autoAlpha:.7}); }else if (this.hitTest("#hit-test", "20%")) { TweenMax.to("#photo--missing", tt, {autoAlpha:.8}); }else if (this.hitTest("#hit-test", "10%")) { TweenMax.to("#photo--missing", tt, {autoAlpha:.9}); }else{ TweenMax.to("#photo--missing", tt, {autoAlpha:1}); }
  3. Draggable has a hitTest that you can declare percent overlap, but I'm wonder if there's a way to see how much of a percent is overlapping? this.hitTest("#ele", "10%") BUT is it possible to get "this" elements percent overlapping the hitTest ele?
  4. Ugh. The bloat of large scale websites. You're right. Thanks so much Jack! Appreciate yours and Carl's reply.
  5. Carl, here's the link: https://familysearch.org/worldsrecords?listEx You'll probably have to check the EXPERIMENTS > wwieV2Ex check box and refresh the page. Here's the error. I think there's some conflicting going on with the client's JS and TweenMax? Error: module root needs to be defined for resolving URLs resolveFile — inject_0.5.2-34a5e9dae81403fd2abd05358f239360.js:1:42631 process — inject_0.5.2-34a5e9dae81403fd2abd05358f239360.js:1:38559 define — inject_0.5.2-34a5e9dae81403fd2abd05358f239360.js:1:37763 (anonymous function) — inject_0.5.2-34a5e9dae81403fd2abd05358f239360.js:1:188 check — TweenMax.min.js:16:19716 q — TweenMax.min.js:16:19954 _gsDefine — TweenMax.min.js:16:20004 _class — TweenMax.min.js:16:20068 (anonymous function) — TweenMax.min.js:16:20137 global code — TweenMax.min.js:17:13523
  6. I have the following code: window.onload = function() { var tl = new TimelineMax(); tl.to(document.getElementById("exit-button"), tt, {autoAlpha:1, ease:Power3.easeInOut}) } I'm loading tweenmax from the CDN. And on my localhost everything works as planned, but when I upload to the clients server I think they have some other scripts/ assets that are throwing the window.onload off. What can I do to avoid the error: "Can't find variable: TimelineMax"? HELP?!
  7. Does rawContent still work in the most recent Greensock Loadermax?
  8. Ok. In the latest version of Greensock it looks like filters are supported. TweenMax.to($("#cycle"), .5, {css:{webkitFilter:"grayscale(1)"}}); This worked. The downside is filters are only supported in webkit.
  9. Deos anyone know how I can use TweenMax to colorize a photo or desaturate one? Like on rollover of an image it would go from color to b&w? And is it possible to do without using 2 photos? One color and one black and white? Looking for help.
  10. Is there a way to see if the timelinelite is playing, paused, stopped? like tl.status()?