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  1. Hey @OSUblake, you are a genius. Thank you! Now I'm not on the verge of a mental breakdown anymore
  2. Hey Blake Sorry to hijack this thread, but I have a follow-up questions. I'd tried to use your demo as a base to see if I can finally get ScrollToPlugin to work, but to no avail: https://www.webpackbin.com/bins/-Klu-I3TDSqrPjDnCE85 Could I ask for your help to try figure this out? I've read everything I could, but still can't figure this out.
  3. It sucks to find out this way, but at least I know now. Thanks for the welcome!
  4. I suspect it has something to do with setting IE 10's browser mode to IE 8, and not using a proper IE 8 version. I tested the site on Browser Stack, and it's all working fine. Wohooooo!
  5. Hi guys I'm having the strangest issue: Rotation and Scaling works beautifully in IE 8 when testing from a localhost environment, but as soon as I place it on our live server, the rotation and scaling tweens don't function at all. I've created a reduced version here to illustrate the problem: https://apps.hellocomputer.net/4th-street-rihanna-fbtab/privacy/ And attached is a screenshot to show the expected behaviour. I'm flabbergasted - please help! Thank you