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  1. Thanks Carl, I was having different results when forcing errors in debugging. With bigger file sizes it ran more smoothly. So I added a timer of 1s after the onComplete, and it helped. I wasn't very happy, but gladly I needed to change what could be initially loaded (without interaction). In the end, changing the structure a bit solved all the problems. Taking a break really helped too! Thanks for the reply, all the best.
  2. Hi, (first of all, sorry I posted a reply instead of creating new topic before, newby) I have a Loadermax with multiple loaders (image, xml, video and selfloader). All them have estimatedBytes and autodispose = false. I also have progress, complete and onError handlers set up. Testing for errors, I get the complete event fired before the onError event...... the onError handler would have a boolean to let the whole thing to start or not. so, why does the onComplete fires before the onError? Thanks Al