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  1. I must to refresh my knowledge so! 🧐 Thanks for the appointment
  2. Hi @OSUblake Yes! Thanks by your lesson! I think this line have to be mentioned in Gsap tutorials or documentation: gsap.to(`.article[data-number="${number}"]`, Thanks for your really apreciate help!
  3. Thanks Cassie for your fast response and for the demo. I have modificated my first example to show what I need. Thanks!!
  4. Hello. It´s my first animation using Gsap trying to understand and recreate in my own way an example that appears on tympanus. I would like to know what is the better way to show a div based in data attribute. In my example always shows the same div but the data is different. Any help will be really appreciate.
  5. Hello! It´s the first time I use Gsap, so I´m sorry if the question it´s very basic. I have seen this example in tympanus but I don´t understand how moves the text elements in differents directions. I have tried in css and jquery without result: https://tympanus.net/codrops/2021/06/23/inline-to-menu-link-animation/ Any aproach would be really apreciate. The question, if you don ´t want to see the link, is how to move the words of a text in differents directions. Thanks for your help!