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  1. Hi Cassie! This SVG is positionated on the top of a div to be transformed from a line to a curve while scrolling. You could see an example here of what I mean: https://codepen.io/armantaherian/pen/ZyZWVZ Sorry if I explain it not clearly
  2. Hi! I want to update the path pf a SVG while scrolling. I supose that I have to use 'PositionInViewport'. I have seen an oficial GSAP example form Codepen explaining 'PositionInViewport' and 'isInViewport' here: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/WNOzrqg My Codepen trying to perform this is: https://codepen.io/charlyta/pen/mdxLZPg I tried to update the value of data path in this way: gsap.to(curve.setAttribute( "d", "M 800 300 Q 400 " + myposition + " 0 300 L 0 0 L 800 0 L 800 300 Z") ); Where 'myposition' is from: let myposition = ScrollTrigger.positionInViewport(box, "center").toFixed(2); The question is: How to get the position to pass this var to the path. Thanks in advance positionInViewport: Scroll down
  3. Thanks a lot, Dipscom!! and sorry...
  4. Hi Dipscom! Yes! You are right! I want the scrolling to be smooth. Now I am using Gsap and TweenMax in my example. There is the same error and blank space
  5. Thanks Dipscom! I only want to achieve a simple scroll using grid.. this is my ultra simple example in codepen. As you could see there is ever a blank space below the div.. (see the new codepen above) Thanks!!
  6. Thanks for your fast response Dipscom! I have simplify the code and I can see that this problem appears using locomotive too, so I supose there is something wrong abot the css using grid. Thanks
  7. I know that problably is a repeated question but I don´t understand why appears a great blank space bellow a div when scrolling. Is it more of a styling issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for your response, it has been very useful. I have notice that my first code works fine with previous resize of the screen. I will use your code to test where is the problem. ;)
  9. Hi OSUblake, I want to show my hidden div with display:none and opacity:0 becomes visible. This hidden div will be showed from an option link of my main menu. I have set the right code in jquery, but the div is not displayed. It is because there is an error in my gsap code? This an example of what I mean: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/QWWaWPy Thanks
  10. Hello and thanks in advance. I am trying to show a hidden div that scrolls from my main menu. It is not working even I changes the opacity, display or visibility options. Any suggestion will be really apreciated.
  11. I must to refresh my knowledge so! 🧐 Thanks for the appointment
  12. Hi @OSUblake Yes! Thanks by your lesson! I think this line have to be mentioned in Gsap tutorials or documentation: gsap.to(`.article[data-number="${number}"]`, Thanks for your really apreciate help!
  13. Thanks Cassie for your fast response and for the demo. I have modificated my first example to show what I need. Thanks!!
  14. Hello. It´s my first animation using Gsap trying to understand and recreate in my own way an example that appears on tympanus. I would like to know what is the better way to show a div based in data attribute. In my example always shows the same div but the data is different. Any help will be really appreciate.