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  1. Hey, would you mind to maybe make an example for the modern syntax? i dont understand how i can transfer it to my code. thank you.
  2. I put it on codepen now. You can check it out.
  3. Dont have codepen, i included a Link To my project
  4. You probably should check it on Large Tablet like ipad pro or on Desktop here on GSAP it shows only the tablet layout. On resize it doesnt work anymore. Dont know why I am building for Desktop and Larger Tablets a horizontal scroll based design. My problem is that i cant figure out how to make the scrolling smoother and not so laggy and not that fast. Another thing is that the the button works on desktop with gsap scroll trigger and on smaller tablets and smartphone i cant even press it ( the hover/focus/active effect) doesnt appears any suggestions to this problem=? I hope that someone can help me. Thank you very much