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    Just Added Width Expansion to my codepen above, feel free to adjust the Easing and Duration to match your Needs (Tranform X Y -50% doesn't seem to be working in this miniviewer, open codepen in another tab for correct display) https://codepen.io/blitzve0/pen/vYJGPaa
  2. Wow 😃 It's Like a Bullet Train Now. I'm in 😍 with the GSAP Community, I'm Getting Such Good Help for Free
  3. *Update : Instead of Usng getElById, used React Refs and the QuickSetter Function is Amazing, The Performance Issue is Now Solved, Thank You Again* I'll try to Test the Mods you Suggested. I'm Using it on a Desktop intel i3-550 8gb Ram 4Gb Swap ,Nvidia GT710, Pop OS, Maybe this is working fine on Faster PCs
  4. Hi , Finally I have Achieved my Desired Animartion but is Jittery Most of the Time. Any Help In Performance and Smoothness Please
  5. Hi Anyone Reading This , Thanks in Advance. I Recently Started Learning React and Started off with Function Components and Am Unable to Convert This Code to Functional Component. Codepen Link is Above The Very First Class Component named Particles() which is a Class Component and I am Not Able to Convert it. Alos Link to CodeSandBox if you Prefer that https://codesandbox.io/s/aerosols-ir8lf On the Very top Level of the File Structure there is a File particle.js Anyones Help with React and GSAP Expertise is Appreciated. I Really Need it in Functional Component Only. Thank You
  6. Love You Brother 😍😍😍 I Never Thought I actually Would Find a Solution on the Forum ♥♥♥♥
  7. Hello Everyone I Want a Jelly Blob which Follows the Mouse and Squuezes and Rotates To Match the Mouse Move Direction The Probelm is The When The Angle of Rotation Switches from 0 to 180 or -180 or from -180 to Positive, The Jelly Blob Changes Direction Suddenly Giving a Jittery And Bad Animation. You can test this out by just Following the Mouse in a Circular Motion, and The Jelly Blob will keep Switching Direction . If Anyone Can Fix This it Would be very Helpful Thanks In Advance.