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  1. The effect was infact really easy to do, I just got the mouse Acceleration and Multiplied it by Circle Width (CircleWidth * MouseAcceleration) thus changing the width to Expanded when Moving Mouse, and the Rotation was achieved using Math.tan() Function to get Mouse Movemenet Direction. Feel free to Experiment with the Setting on this codepen to get desired results https://codepen.io/blitzve0/pen/vYJGPaa
  2. Oh Ok Means I should set the co-ordinates directly to gsap without using states for exporting cursor data Sure I'll make the changes Thanks
  3. Thankfully no errors for me today, I just wanted to know if their are some Performance Boost tips possible for this GSAP Cursor Position Setter Animation. If someone can let me know this is optimal enough or push me in some other direction if not.
  4. For future visitors with same problem I found the solution https://github.com/idiotWu/react-smooth-scrollbar/issues/15#issuecomment-335047892 Just realised it's not laggy on Windows, but on my machine (Pop OS Linux) in development , there horizontal scroll is laggy as hell, maybe something to do with Linux. Anyways, Reducing Scroll Distance does seem to improve The Visual Smoothness, thanks. Update : Yup just testing again on Pop OS, its definitely 3x more laggy here, I guess issues with the OS and Graphics Drivers
  5. Hi again, I am trying to implement Horizontal Scroll using GSAP Scroll Trigger Problem 1: The Scroll works fine while Vertically Scrolled but when I reach the Horizontal scroll section, suddenly the Scrolling becomes very Laggy. Problem 2 : If you press Right Arrow Key or swipe left on mobile You'll be able to overscroll to white empty region on normal divs, how to fix that. Quick UI Setup : <>... <div1 width 100vw height 100vh /> <div2 horizontalOne width 200vw (for horizontal scroll) height 100vh /> <div3 width 100vw height 100vh /> ...</> Sidenote : I'm using Smooth-Scrollbar as Scroller Update ** Confusion : The Lag is not that much in this codepen miniviewer i don't know why
  6. blizve0

    Follow Mouse

    Just Added Width Expansion to my codepen above, feel free to adjust the Easing and Duration to match your Needs (Tranform X Y -50% doesn't seem to be working in this miniviewer, open codepen in another tab for correct display) https://codepen.io/blitzve0/pen/vYJGPaa
  7. Wow 😃 It's Like a Bullet Train Now. I'm in 😍 with the GSAP Community, I'm Getting Such Good Help for Free
  8. *Update : Instead of Usng getElById, used React Refs and the QuickSetter Function is Amazing, The Performance Issue is Now Solved, Thank You Again* I'll try to Test the Mods you Suggested. I'm Using it on a Desktop intel i3-550 8gb Ram 4Gb Swap ,Nvidia GT710, Pop OS, Maybe this is working fine on Faster PCs
  9. Hi , Finally I have Achieved my Desired Animartion but is Jittery Most of the Time. Any Help In Performance and Smoothness Please
  10. Hi Anyone Reading This , Thanks in Advance. I Recently Started Learning React and Started off with Function Components and Am Unable to Convert This Code to Functional Component. Codepen Link is Above The Very First Class Component named Particles() which is a Class Component and I am Not Able to Convert it. Alos Link to CodeSandBox if you Prefer that https://codesandbox.io/s/aerosols-ir8lf On the Very top Level of the File Structure there is a File particle.js Anyones Help with React and GSAP Expertise is Appreciated. I Really Need it in Functional Component Only. Thank You
  11. Love You Brother 😍😍😍 I Never Thought I actually Would Find a Solution on the Forum ♥♥♥♥
  12. Hello Everyone I Want a Jelly Blob which Follows the Mouse and Squuezes and Rotates To Match the Mouse Move Direction The Probelm is The When The Angle of Rotation Switches from 0 to 180 or -180 or from -180 to Positive, The Jelly Blob Changes Direction Suddenly Giving a Jittery And Bad Animation. You can test this out by just Following the Mouse in a Circular Motion, and The Jelly Blob will keep Switching Direction . If Anyone Can Fix This it Would be very Helpful Thanks In Advance.