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  1. Hi! Yep I think I should started with sources! So here something you can download: Exemple Sources Run it in debug mode -> everything is explain in the console ( some comments to help ). Thanks again for your time and your help!
  2. Thanks again for your time! Yes, the main problem I have, it's to get content / loader outside the "Complete" event function ( based on LoaderEvent ). // Init the XML public function init() { xmlLoader = new XMLLoader( "PathToXml", { onComplete:xmlComplete } ); } // XML Complete -> Now load a LoaderMax that is inside this XML private function xmlComplete( e:LoaderEvent ):void { loaderMax = LoaderMax.getLoader( "LoaderID" ); loaderMax.addEventListener( LoaderEvent.COMPLETE, loaderComplete ); loaderMax.load(); } // LoaderMax Complete -> Get content inside this Loader privat
  3. Hello! And thanks for your time! Sorry for the "pseudo code", I wrote that very quickly, and I don't even realize that I left errors! So yes, the idea is to create a kind of asset manager. A class that create and display a loading screen (with a progress bar), and behind load everything we need through XML and some methods I can call to get assets on my scene. Right now, I repeat the loading stuff in every class (eg: level 1, 2, 3...). You can have a look of this in this video. First I have the "Main Menu" class, when I touch "Play", the main menu fade out, and the "Select World" clas
  4. Hello! Is it possible to load objects outside the "complete" events ( LoaderEvent )? Right now, it's like this: function initLoader():void { xmlLoader = new XMLLoader( "PathToXml/xml.xml", { onComplete:loadData } ); xmlLoader.load(); } function loadData( e:LoaderEvent ):void { loaderMax = LoaderMax.getLoader( "loaderID" ); loaderMax.addEventListener( LoaderEvent.COMPLETE, completeLoader ); loaderMax.load(); } function completeLoader( e:LoaderMax ):void { texture1 = TextureFromBitmapData( LoaderMax.getLoader( "image1" ).rawContent.bitmapData ); texture2 = TextureFromBitmapDat
  5. Thanks! I just wanted to write something here, because FB 4.7 is now live(beta), and I think a lots of people will find this same error! But v12 is already here too...! Just matter of time to completly switch!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm just here to talk about a small error I found when I use Flash Builder 4.7 (beta), with Air3.4 SDK. With the new ASC2 (more infos here: http://www.bytearray.org/?p=4789), the "goto" ref is now not allow. So in the file "TimelineLite.as" by exemple, this function will return an error : public function goto(timeOrLabel:*, suppressEvents:Boolean=true):void { setTotalTime(parseTimeOrLabel(timeOrLabel), suppressEvents); } So, you can comment this line (if you don't use goTo of course...), and it will work. Maybe we can have more information on this for the futu