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  1. Thanks much Cassie. Thanks GreenSock, that helped a lot! Got it working as intended.
  2. Hi, I created something like the following before actually seeing the gsap website's footer logo section: https://codepen.io/m-a-r-t-i-n/pen/OJjmzpx (gsap with react) However what I wanted to achieve was more like the GSAP footer logo section, where the logo's fade in and out at different times, independently and at random spots. My logos are randomized in their location, but fade in and out together, which isn't really ideal. Any guidance would be appreciated, I am a gsap newbie. Thanks
  3. Thank you so much akapowl - that worked perfectly Really appreciate it.
  4. I had a look at the helper function, and gave it a spin, but it seems to be scrolling irregardless of page scroll - which is why I am using Scroll Trigger. but that being said it is pretty cool. This is kind of what I am looking to implement (but better): https://tympanus.net/Development/TileScroll/ (the horizontal scrolling words after the second set of images)
  5. Thanks for the welcome and fast response. I am not really looking to do a marque with repeating/looping words. I have updated my codepen with the latest code: https://codepen.io/m-a-r-t-i-n/pen/MWozEdr However the reverse (second line) doesn't really work so great, especially across differing resolutions/device widths.
  6. Hi All I am new to gsap. What I am trying to achieve is a scrolling horizontal animation where the 1st, 3rd, 5th lines of text (if exist) scroll to the left on vertical scroll and the other lines (2nd, 4th, 6th etc) scroll to the right (and the reverse when scrolling back up). Each row (line) could have any number of words. I want the words to all be revealed gradually during the vertical scroll. Ideally each line will scroll just enough in whichever direction to reveal all the words, and not further. I am actually using React for the project but my codepen isn't. I am using the ScrollTrigger gsap plugin. I really hope this makes sense. Many thanks.