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  1. Hi Zach Thanks for the "max" js. As I understand it progress() will give me the current position of the timeline but if the user has manually scrolled the div to a new position this won't match correct?. So maybe I do need a ratio to synchronise the timeline via progress() or seek(). Does that make sense? I guess I could remake the timeline from scratch each time rather than pausing/resuming maybe that would be easier?
  2. I'm using the following code to automatically scroll a div up & down when the user has not been interacting for a while (idle). objListingScrollTween = gsap.timeline({ repeat: -1, repeatDelay: 1, yoyo: true }); objListingScrollTween.add(gsap.to("#sessionListingsHolder", { duration: 5, scrollTo: { y: "max" }, ease: "none"})); This works fine but I have two questions: 1) is there an inbuilt way of getting the value of "max" ? 2) when the user interacts, I pause the timeline. When idle resumes I call resume() on the timeline. But the user may have scrolled manually to a different scroll position in which case there is a jump. Is there an inbuilt way to get the value the timeline needs to seek() to in order to restart the timeline from the correct place? thanks
  3. Hi Jack On the http://greensock.com/gsap-1-18-0 page I couldn't leave a comment even though I was logged in. Anyway you said "...these changes are for HTML5/JS only. Demand for the Flash version is tiny now that browsers are phasing Flash out, so all of our attention is on the HTML5/JS toolset at this point." Demand may be tiny and I understand your business decisions but please don't forget those of us still actively developing AIR and Flash applications. For instance our business uses a custom network media delivery system running in AIR/Flash and we are constantly developing new AIR kiosk apps and indeed hiring Flash devs to do so (when we can find 'em). cheers DC