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  1. Canvas... I want to go to there... one day. I actually started learning it just the other day. Thx for the help! I will definitely try using svg filters. That's a great idea.
  2. @OSUblake A little update. I didn't end up going with the helper function (frankly it blew my mind, LOL) or the modifiers plugin. I realized after drawing it out on paper that I was trying too hard. All I really needed to do was to animate two versions of the same svg side-by-side starting at right: 0 to the same distance as the width of one svg. And then I just repeat that animation at that exact moment. That's basically what I was doing originally, but something about the modifiers plugin was throwing me off. Hopefully, there aren't any known issues that this would cause. And, I do have a slight performance issue that I think is being caused by the amount of colors being cycled through in the animation. Not sure how to tackle that yet. https://codepen.io/jooel/pen/NWgwaER
  3. @OSUblake Great, thx. I will dig into this. I have not come across that doc before. I figured the modifier plugin got me so close that there was just something simple I was missing. I've been using GSAP for about 10 years and love it btw. Just recently became a Club Greensock member! Anyway, thx again
  4. Hi, I'm trying to use the modifiers plugin to create an infinite loop of two embedded svgs that should look like one long infinite wave. But, there is a gap at the end of each animation. Not sure how to fix that. I made the animation go a little faster so you don't have to wait so long to see it. Any help would be super appreciated.