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  1. Hi all, Question about best practices with a11y and gsap: I'm using ScrollTrigger to 'scroll-jack' a section of my page. The problem is, when I am testing tabbing through my page, the viewport 'hangs' at this section (which I've set to tabindex of -1, FWIW), even as my tabbing goes further and further down and off the viewport. Is there a silver-bullet, catch-all solution to this sort of issue? Thank you in advance.
  2. @GreenSock That helps a tremendous amount, thank you. I hadn't heard of this library previously either, but Google led me to it before to ScrollTrigger... Thank you for illuminating that I don't need it at all and can just use gsap. Very best wishes.
  3. Thank you for your patience, @Cassie. I've stripped it down, hopefully enough to be usable. Updated link above, or below as well – you might ask why the negative margin on the neighbouring div. Before I did that I was getting a big white space because of my transforms, seen at the very end of this screen capture (though for all I know there's a better way to solve that too): https://codepen.io/scallemang/pen/zYzEGZj.
  4. Hi there GreenSock community, First time working with GSAP so I hope you'll forgive any sloppiness on my part. The issue is that, as I scroll, the menu is updating sooner than it should. Again, I'm assuming that this is because I have moved things -315px during my animation, but am not sure how to correct this. Any advice would be so appreciated. A stripped down/clunky version of this is at the CodePen link. And/or you can see the 'actual' staging front-end at http://endera.ctclients.ca/. Thank you.