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  1. Thanks for your help, I finally found out the solution for the « In » transition : https://codepen.io/laurent-pnt/pen/zYzzzMo same for the « Out » transition : https://codepen.io/laurent-pnt/pen/XWggowE I merged the both in one through my js and it works perfectly.
  2. @CassieThanks for your reply, clip path is not what I need because (take a look at https://bounds.agency/) there's a morphing shape for the menu reveal... What I need (but can't achieve) is my exactly like my codepen ( https://codepen.io/laurent-pnt/pen/wveeywz ) but, without the blue part (the blue part is supposed to act like a mask I could say...) in my codepen I've got the same result than bouds.agency but instead of seeing the website (my red part) I see the blue part... Am I clear enough ? ^^
  3. Thanks/Merci @nico fonseca for your reply, In fact, thats not quite like your exemple, what Im trying to achieve is exactly this (in my codepen) : https://codepen.io/laurent-pnt/pen/wveeywz but considering that the blue part should be red (transparent)... Did you got any idea... ?
  4. Hello! I would like to have some help please about using GSAP & Morth, I'm trying to achieve some animations using GSAP & svg morphing to get something similar to https://bounds.agency/ (the menu reveal animation when click on the top right burger)... By now, all I get is : https://codepen.io/laurent-pnt/pen/wveeywz In my version, the blue shape it not revert like it should be (like the exemple)... Please I need help!