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  1. Hi Cassie, Thanks for the demo, that's great! I think I'm gonna go with creating the navigation using GSAP. At least that way I'll have more control over it. Thanks again! -Emad
  2. Hi, I believe I'm having a conflict issue with GSAP ScrollTrigger and Divi theme's Dot Navigation. I have a ScrollTrigger animation running for the first section on my page. And it looks like when I use the "pin: true" , the Dot Navigation gets stuck at the first indicator and don't change when scrolling (see attached screenshot). If I take the "pin: ture" out of the ScrollTrigger, it works fine, but then my animation don't work as supposed to. I attached the JS script for ScrollTrigger and here's a link to the website in production (https://museudastoninhas.com.br/). The Dot navigation on the right edge will show up after you scroll past the first section. Unfortunately I can't create a Codepen demo for this as it involves the theme's code. I understand this might be tricky without actually looking at Divi's code for the dot navigation, but I was wondering if there might be some solution for this or another way to the scroll animation. Also, this is my first time using the GSAP library but I'm loving it! Thanks! -Emad script.js