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  1. I will be working on an example and post it as soon as it's finished thanks
  2. Hi Carl, Thanks for the welcome and your time. I think the first example is close enough to what I'm trying to accomplish. but I'm afraid the codePen link for the example is incorrect I would really appreciate if I could look at the example code .. meantime I will prepare a codePen example myself and post it here in case someone else needs a pointer for something similar. Update: I noticed a space at the end of the link for your first example, after removing it I was able to see your example. it's awesome thanks this is exactly what I was looking for
  3. Hi All, I'm trying to control a simple move to x using TimelineMax (GSAP) animation with swipe (touch events) using TouchSwipe , what I need to do is to control the animation progress to respond to the swipe. TouchSwipe can set maxTimeThreshold and threshold to fixed values. but I'm not able to figure out how to set these to work together with GSAP. Maybe a better explain to what I want to do is something similar to the first demo on http://www.greensock.com/gsap-js/ but instead of using ui slider to control the playback I want to use the object swipe values (distance and duration) to move the object to x. Hope it makes sense to anyone can walk me through this. thanks in advance