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  1. Hi, The following code seems to send the event parameter into the handler function, Trial and error works sometimes. var tempTween:TweenMax = TweenMax.to(iSprite, iRandTime , { y:_topYSpot } ); tempTween.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onEffectComplete); private function onEffectComplete(e:Event = null):void { trace (e); } Thanks for all your help. K
  2. Dear People, I love using your library, It's simple and very effective. I have a simple question, I've look in the documentation but can't find an answer. How can I recieve the TweenMaxEvent inside my event handlers ? example: TweenMax.to(iSprite, iRandTime , { y:_topYSpot, onComplete:onEffectComplete } ); private function onEffectComplete(e:Event = null):void { trace (e); } onComplete always comes to the function with no event, is there any way to recieve the event and know the target/currentTarget as usual AS3 code. Thanks In Advance and have a great day. K