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  1. Thanks for the support and advice. I think next I'll try framerX - though it's still a new development and it means I have to use the mac (meh). It has react under the hood, and I should be able to include the gsap library, failing that...... guess i'm learning react. 😛
  2. Thanks for the quick feedback. Yea I read that article and been messing around with Adobe Animate today... pining for the days of yore. I think I have to bury that software with everyone else and get into a proper DOM, adobe's html5 export provides a subset of .swf (eg no input fields) and .swf is dead this year. JS/HTML/CSS is Just not quite as approachable for quick prototyping for an aging designer like me. but seems designer tools these days are all about click through... I need logic, interactivity, and animation(gsap of course) got some learning to do.
  3. Hello, I'm just returning to GSAP, was an actionscript user back in the day. But I'm no web developer. So I'm trying the familiar tools first. Before I renew my shockingly green membership... can anyone say if the additional plugins (draggable+inertia) work in animate/html5 canvas?
  4. I'll add my voice to the request for-cubic bezier easing . Aligning motion curves is important for brand consistency, and when integrating with other content (like webgl) Also bezier allows a subtlety which is otherwise hard to achieve. ie. http://cubic-bezier.com/#.25,0,.25,1 it's also easy to match bezier-curves to values in after effects etc.
  5. Ah thank you Carl! Your explanation is clear. I just starting using throwprops and didn't realize it returned a tween that way... This is much better than using oncomplete: and thanks for pointing out the deprecated methods. I'll switch to add() Great work. Greensock is amazing. -Mark
  6. Hello, I"m wondering how to start a timeline with a ThrowProps Tween. this is the code i have for the Throw: ThrowPropsPlugin.to(mScrollContainer,{throwProps:{y:{velocity:yVelocity, min:targetY-20, max:targetY-20, resistance:4000} },ease:Power3.easeOut },1,.25,0); works great. Now i want to append some animations afterwards, but i'm not sure how... What would be the proper way to write the code below? Where the throwprops is the 1st item in the timeline? var moveToLock:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite(); moveToLock.append( // THROW PROPS ANIMATION GOES HERE // ); moveToLock.append( new TweenLite(mScrollContainer,.2,{y:targetY,ease:Power3.easeIn}) ); moveToLock.append( new TweenLite(mScrollContainer,.03,{y:"-5",ease:Linear}) ); moveToLock.append( new TweenLite(mScrollContainer,.1,{y:targetY,ease:Power3.easeIn}) ); any assistance would be warmly appreciated. Sincerely, Mark