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  1. Thanks for the great support to all of you! I will try the polyline solution, which looks great!
  2. Hey Cassie, thanks for your reply! I added some lines (the red ones) which are not moving like the rest. It seems to be off because of the duration and delay. I want them to move in a fluid motion like in the example pen. I tried to calculate the position in the callback, but that was pretty performance heavy. Is there a simple way to do it, which im not seeing :)? Thanks for the help! Regards Andi
  3. Is it possible to calculate the SVG positions in the onUpdate function so that all the path move synchronously?
  4. Thank you Mikel for your fast reply!
  5. Hi, I would like to animate the "arms" on the globe. Something like in this pen, so that they move constantly: https://codepen.io/aado29/pen/PyGqwa For this I have created a SVG, but im not quite sure how to achieve this animation with GSAP. Any help would be greatly appreciated Best regards Andi